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Carnival in Spain

Although the date is flexible, Carnival in Spain is usually in February. Carnival in Spain is a time of celebration and merrymaking just before the start of the Catholic season of Lent.  You can enjoy… leer más
The text AI in translation is accompanied by an illustration of a brain divided in the left and right hemispheres, the left showing the nerve cells, the right showing a machine gear.

AI in translation. My two cents

Yes, this is another AI post. Like you, I’m also a bit overwhelmed (and tired) by all the hype about AI tools. But we cannot entirely escape from it, so I try to get as… leer más
The 8 worst nightmares for translators

8 worst nightmares for translators

BEWARE: this is really scary! The living dead, killer clowns, chainsaws and girls that talk to ghosts… TVs across the world are no doubt going to be screening back-to-back horror films this weekend, but translators… leer más
a man, a digital map of the world and the text Translation for global business

Translation for Global Business

As you navigate the complex world of international trade and expand into new markets, it’s essential to consider the often-overlooked role of translation for global business, as it plays a crucial part in this process.… leer más
Images of different feasts and the text "Feasts and holidays. How to translate them".

Feasts and holidays. How to translate them

Today is Saint Rufina and Saint John Plessington, among other feasts. I’m not particularly interested in Saints, but some dates are significant in some countries. In Spain, some national, regional or local feasts are related… leer más
7 deadly sins of Spanish

The 7 deadly sins of Spanish

Judith González is a Spanish philologist and language consultant at the Fundéu RAE, who talked recently about the 7 deadly sins of Spanish.  Or, more precisely, of Spanish speakers. She collaborates with the weekend radio magazine Por… leer más
App Localization - Why You Should Test

App localization. Why you should test

Have you ever considered how much app localization there is? And checked how many apps you have installed on your smartphone? Without counting the default apps, we often install and uninstall apps. We have been… leer más
Content Marketing in Spanish - When and How?

Content Marketing in Spanish. When and How?

Content Marketing is a must for 95% of digital businesses worldwide: It helps raise brand awareness. It helps drive traffic to your site. It positions your company as an expert in your field. Planning a… leer más
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