If you have visited the rest of my site, you will see a clear connection with fashion.

As I always say, the same garment does not fit the same in two different bodies.

The same happens with fashion translation.

Fashion translation is about providing a unique experience for the target audience.

The context is the body that will determine the tone of voice, vocabulary and cultural references used in your translation.

That is, how the translation will fit in your brand.

Translation ensures the audience connects with the brand and understands the product in a unique voice and tone that speaks to the target audience in their language.

The phrase ‘haute couture’ was rooted in Parisian fine fashion.

The term refers to the highest standard of ‘made-to-measure’ garments worldwide, boasting the fashion crown of artisanal craftsmanship in the fashion industry.

Translators also craft words in their mother tongue to help global brands resonate with the audience while being aligned with the overall brand strategy and objectives.

From product descriptions to care and maintenance instructions, blog posts or videos about the inspiration for the new SS collection of a specific designer, there are as many types of content to translate in the fashion world as shades of a given colour.

And each content will have a different translation approach.

Your key staple for fashion translation:

Haute couture is not everything in fashion. Less exclusive brands also have room in a global world.

You can stand out from your competitors by providing a truly localised experience, including a useful size guide or translation of your manufacturing or sourcing procedures.

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