Software, website and app localization

Would you meet a client wearing a tracksuit?

Probably not.

You wouldn’t want your website or ecommerce content looking unprofessional either, whether in your own language or a translation.

Your website is usually the first thing your potential clients are going to see, even before they set eyes on you.

Since I started in the world of software localization in 2001, I have translated many software programs, devices, mobile apps, websites and e-commerce sites.

Anything from the last version of your mobile software to the instructions manual of a washing machine.

Even if we call this software localization, this field involves translating many different components: the user interface, the instructions manual, the online help, a knowledge base and even your product license or your website’s cookies policy.

Your key staple for software, website and app localization:

Text can vary in length from one language to another and that can affect the website or software’s design.

That’s why translators also take care of the testing stage.

As well as the usual checks to ensure that everything is translated correctly and there are no spelling mistakes, we also test your site in case button names don’t fit or links are broken, and much more.

Could you see yourself going out with a newly-tailored suit with the tacks still showing?

The same applies to your website 😉.

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