Something I have learned since I started doing sports translations, as the saying goes from a particular global brand, is ‘impossible is nothing’.

The stories of determination, passion, and self-improvement I translate also encourage me to improve my work daily.

And my fitness! 💪

I support the marketing activity of several global sports brands through translation and transcreation.

My priority is ensuring that language and culture are respected while helping to deliver the brand’s message.

That includes everything from nutrition to workouts, apparel, and specialist footwear.

I also translate internal communications about product activations, brand events, press releases and advertising film scripts.

Your key staple for sports translations:

Do you adapt your workout to your fitness level?

Same happens with sports translation.

In sports apparel, for example, translations should be suited to each type of user, from athletes to people who want to be in good shape.

They all need to feel that your message is created for them in your target languages.

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