Language & culture consultancy

Although I always offer some language and culture consultancy on almost every translation project, I also offer a standalone service to review/analyse your source content to identify potential translation issues.

These are some of the checks I do in a language consultancy project:

  • Typos/spelling/grammar errors that can change the meaning of the sentence and, therefore, the translation.
  • Cultural references that may be controversial in Spain or challenging to translate. For example, a campaign for Thanksgiving.
  • Definition of the correct tone of voice. This goes beyond the use of and usted.
  • Evaluation of inclusive language and different approaches beyond double gender forms that may result in longer and harder-to-read texts.
  • Agreement on using terms in other languages and creating glossaries and Do Not Translate lists.
  • Creation of a Spanish language style guide for your content to be used in every project and updated regularly.

Your key staple for language & culture consultancy:

You’ll probably have a fixed team of translators and editors if you have a constant translation workflow.

However, they may only sometimes be available.

Having someone analyse the text and update your reference material will help you keep consistency throughout your content, even if you can only sometimes count on your preferred translators.

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