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Translation and international trade III. Why translation sometimes goes wrong.

Translation and international trade (III)

Why translation sometimes goes wrong   Better late than never! I am sorry for taking so long to write this post, but luckily I have many loyal clients and the work doesn’t stop coming in… leer más
translation and international trade

Translation and International Trade (II)

They may not be books, but they do need to be translated   Today is World Book Day and many blogs will no doubt talk about Cervantes, Shakespeare, literature and literary translators, like I did… leer más
Translation and international trade

Translation and International Trade (I)

Useful for your clients and for you too   Nowadays, anyone can set up a business and start selling anywhere in the world. Although it seems that doing business abroad is all the rage, it’s… leer más
mobile app localization in three stages

Mobile app localization

Reach and engage your target audience in 3 stages   As of today, Europe’s biggest mobile technology event is being held in Barcelona: the Mobile World Congress. Until 1 March, mobile phone operators, app developers, device… leer más
translation and tourism

Tourism and challenges for translators

Go beyond translation to attract visitors to your destination   This Wednesday saw the start of Fitur, Spain’s most important tourism fair. It may not be as big as the World Travel Market in London or… leer más
Christmas traditions and translation into Spanish

Christmas traditions around Spain

If there is one thing that makes a translator different from someone who just knows a language it’s culture. Besides having a good level in the source and target language, as translators we need to… leer más

Build Trust on Black Friday: Translate your online store (2021 edit).

The small print needs translating too Some years ago, Black Friday stopped being a date on every American calendar and became a global phenomenon. It doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. It doesn’t even… leer más
translators and interpreters celebrate International Translation Day

I translate, therefore I am

What do translators and interpreters do?   Today is International Translation Day, a celebration that was set up by the International Federation of Translators in 1953. This year is particularly special, as it has gained recognition… leer más
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