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Hello! My name is Alicia and I’m your linguistic and cultural image consultant.

I hold two degrees: one in Teaching, specialising in Foreign Languages, and another in Translation and Interpreting from the UAB. I have always loved languages. Well, since I realised that Business Studies wouldn’t be a career option for me unless I got my head around maths.

As professional translators, we always work into our mother tongue and often live in our home countries so we never lose touch with our language, which evolves at the same speed as society itself. However, this doesn’t stop us from having an in-depth knowledge of the culture and language that we translate from.

The translation process also includes a research stage so that I can better understand the source culture and adapt the text to the target country’s culture. As such, my clients feel like they identify with the message that I have helped them portray.

I translate from English, French and Portuguese to Spanish and Catalan, and I specialise in software and website localization.

Before I founded Prêt-à-translate, I worked in translation agencies, where I also dealt with marketing. After this experience, I felt drawn back into the classroom and finished a Master’s in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce in June 2018.

Since I understand both fields, both in terms of theory and practice, I can recommend you an effective international content marketing strategy. I work with you to create content that reflects the nuances of your customers’ languages, cultures and values. Localization helps brands’ reputation and increases sales.

Although I mainly focus on my own working languages, I am surrounded by a select group of collaborators who work with other languages and linguistic services. However, I only accept projects knowing I can offer a quality service. If I have the slightest doubt that I would not be able to achieve this, I will try to find another way to help you or recommend you one of my trusted colleagues.

I currently translate a range of content, including the following subject areas: IT, apps, software, e-commerce, consumer electronics, tourism, fashion, cosmetics, gastronomy, nutrition and health, e-learning and marketing. Although some give me the chance to be more creative than others, I do enjoy all of them.

Translation is in style at Prêt-à-translate. If you don’t want to risk being passé, drop me a line and tell me how I can help you.

Alicia González, Spanish translator
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