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Spanish: all for one and one for all. Really?

(2022 update) Thanks to globalisation and the internet, companies can do business with clients all over the world. Clients who do not necessarily speak English. Actually, more than half of internet searches are made in… leer más

Build Trust on Black Friday: Translate your online store (2021 edit).

The small print needs translating too Some years ago, Black Friday stopped being a date on every American calendar and became a global phenomenon. It doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. It doesn’t even… leer más

Tourism and challenges for translators – 2021 update

Using translation to build confidence and attract visitors to your destination Life will never be the same again following the COVID pandemic, especially for those working in travel and tourism. I felt it would be… leer más
Computer keyboard and a note pad with the text Translation goals for 2021

Content translation goals for 2021

18 January 2021. The third week of January. Let’s have a look at your New Year’s resolutions: ❌ You didn’t quit smoking. ❌ You didn’t even remove the labels from the gym apparel you got… leer más
Picture of text with editing marks and title Revision is an essential stage of any translation project

Revision is an essential stage of any translation project

Avoid unpleasant surprises by revising your translations Technology. Innovation. Efficacy. Efficiency. Returns. Metrics. Conversion. Just some of the words that have revolutionised practically all sectors during the last decade, the translation sector being no exception.… leer más
reference materials in translation

Reference materials in translation

And working as a team with my clients   The Prêt-à-translate office is small. I never hold meetings with my clients at my office, mainly because most of them are foreign companies. They’re in Germany,… leer más
New Years resolutions, translation

Translation-related New Year’s resolutions

Let me help you keep them!   Just like it’s never too late to wish someone you haven’t seen since the start of the year a Happy New Year (even though you have been back… leer más
translation and international trade

Translation and International Trade (II)

They may not be books, but they do need to be translated   Today is World Book Day and many blogs will no doubt talk about Cervantes, Shakespeare, literature and literary translators, like I did… leer más
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