The text AI in translation is accompanied by an illustration of a brain divided in the left and right hemispheres, the left showing the nerve cells, the right showing a machine gear.

AI in translation. My two cents

Yes, this is another AI post. Like you, I’m also a bit overwhelmed (and tired) by all the hype about AI tools. But we cannot entirely escape from it, so I try to get as… leer más
a man, a digital map of the world and the text Translation for global business

Translation for Global Business

As you navigate the complex world of international trade and expand into new markets, it’s essential to consider the often-overlooked role of translation for global business, as it plays a crucial part in this process.… leer más
Images of different feasts and the text "Feasts and holidays. How to translate them".

Feasts and holidays. How to translate them

Today is Saint Rufina and Saint John Plessington, among other feasts. I’m not particularly interested in Saints, but some dates are significant in some countries. In Spain, some national, regional or local feasts are related… leer más

Why I became a Translator not an Interpreter

Have you ever wondered about the differences between translation and interpreting? In this blog post, I share personal experience of why I chose to become a translator instead of an interpreter. I explain the unique skills required for each profession, the importance of proper training and preparation, and the potential cost of language mistakes. Read on to gain insights into the language industry and the benefits of hiring professional translators and interpreters.
Women dressed with fitness apparel to ilustrate the topic Translation for Sports

Translations for Sports

This weekend it’s the third El Clásico of the season. ⚽️ El Clásico is the name of any football match between rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.  Initially referring to competitions held in the Spanish… leer más


Transliteration is a localization technique converting words or phrases from one writing system to another.  It is often used when adapting content from one language to another, typically when translating from a source language that… leer más
4 terms in translation

4 Terms in Translation (that need to go!)

Words can influence our perception of certain concepts and there are terms in translation that I believe need to go. This year, I posted on LinkedIn about terms we should stop using to improve our… leer más

The Three Wise Men in Spain

In Spain, it’s not Santa Claus that brings the gifts; those come from the Three Wise Men on the 6th of January. Unlike the UK, for Spanish people, Christmas kicks off on the 25th of… leer más
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