The 8 worst nightmares for translators

8 worst nightmares for translators

BEWARE: this is really scary! The living dead, killer clowns, chainsaws and girls that talk to ghosts… TVs across the world are no doubt going to be screening back-to-back horror films this weekend, but translators… leer más
Interview with Mark Flower

The importance of culture in customer service

Interview with Mark Flower Mark Flower worked in a multilingual and multicultural environment in the customer service quality department for the online hotel reservations company for over 13 years. From Gibraltar, he lives and… leer más
Illustration for Translation Project Management

A Guide to Translation Project Management

Today I’m talking about project management in translation.⁣ Even freelance translators who don’t outsource jobs to other colleagues will do project management as they have to plan costs, schedule jobs and do QA checks before… leer más
Year in review in translation

Year in Review in Translation

December is usually a hectic month in translation: last-minute requests, January project planning, invoices and lots of tea! This year, it is even more manic because I came back home to spend most of the… leer más
Meet my colleagues (II) Kim Causier, Spanish and French to English Translator

Meet my colleagues (II)

Kim Causier, Spanish and French to English Translator I met Kim during my first year as a freelance translator when I needed a native English translator for a project at Prêt-à-translate. While that project didn’t… leer más

World Tapas Day and translation for restaurants

Last year, I made a video about the origin of tapas and the advantages translation has for restaurants. To celebrate World Tapas Day, I will explain more about it in this blog post. As an… leer más
Picture for the blog post Meet my colleagues

Meet my colleagues (I)

Amel Mokdad, Spanish/English/Arabic/French translator and interpreter I met Amel a few years ago at a translator meetup that I went to with my friend Eva. Back then, I didn’t imagine that I would end up… leer más
LocLunch Malaga

LocLunch: an excuse to leave my translator cave

Like many translators, I am pleased to be experiencing the usual summer peak, which *fingers crossed* I hope continues well after we change the clocks back in October. Although, I do sometimes I feel a… leer más
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