Carnival in Spain

Although the date is flexible, Carnival in Spain is usually in February. Carnival in Spain is a time of celebration and merrymaking just before the start of the Catholic season of Lent.  You can enjoy… leer más

Why I became a Translator not an Interpreter

Have you ever wondered about the differences between translation and interpreting? In this blog post, I share personal experience of why I chose to become a translator instead of an interpreter. I explain the unique skills required for each profession, the importance of proper training and preparation, and the potential cost of language mistakes. Read on to gain insights into the language industry and the benefits of hiring professional translators and interpreters.

The Three Wise Men in Spain

In Spain, it’s not Santa Claus that brings the gifts; those come from the Three Wise Men on the 6th of January. Unlike the UK, for Spanish people, Christmas kicks off on the 25th of… leer más
Interview with Mark Flower

The importance of culture in customer service

Interview with Mark Flower Mark Flower worked in a multilingual and multicultural environment in the customer service quality department for the online hotel reservations company for over 13 years. From Gibraltar, he lives and… leer más
A horse in the feria de Seville

The origin of ferias in Spain

It’s hot in Spain, so I want to talk about some lighter stuff. Today I’ll tell you about the history of ferias in Spain.  Besides one-day traditions like the night of San Juan, Spain is… leer más

The Night of San Juan in Spain

Although summer officially starts on 21 June, The Night of San Juan in Spain falls on 23 June.  The night of San Juan in Spain celebrates the summer solstice. San Juan (Saint John) also has… leer más
machine translation and recipes

Machine translation and recipes

Most Europeans have a soft spot for Scotland. It’s understandable with its breathtaking cliffs, castles that tell tales of bygone times and the irresistible petrichor, especially after the first shower of the day. Those who… leer más

How to adapt food and drink brand names to other countries

When I was a child, I was a fussy eater. I was the typical kid that would really struggle at dinnertime. I hated pulses with a passion and would take hours to eat them. Nowadays,… leer más
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