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Four reasons why Spanish is such a unique language

4 Reasons Why Spanish is such a Unique Language

And a little game!


It is not because around 470 million people speak Spanish as a native language.

It is not because it is the language of some of the most popular songs in the US.

And it is not because it is the language of world-famous dishes, such as paella, fajitas or arepas.

Today, I am going to give you four reasons, from a linguistic point of view, that make Spanish a unique language among the thousands of languages in the world.

  1. We have a letter that only exists in Spanish alphabet, our beloved ñ.
  2. Spanish is the only language that uses inverted exclamation and interrogation marks at the beginning of the sentence. Many people, influenced by other languages, only use them at the end of the sentence. Why should we be like the rest? Be proud of being different and start using the ¡ and ¿ signs! ¡Vamos!
  3. Although there are some phonetic differences between regions, Spanish is a language that practically sounds as you write it. We do not have neutral vowels, open vowels or nasal vowels, like French or Portuguese.
  4. Unlike French, which uses phonetic accents, we only use the accent on the tonic syllable. So, if a term needs an accent, you will only use one. You won’t see a term like this one in Spanish: Hétérogénéité.

Time to test your Spanish!

These pictures have a Spanish term in common, and this term is special for one reason, but not one of the reasons mentioned above.

What Spanish term have these pictures in common? Source of the pictures: Pixabay

If you know the answer, publish it on the social network where you read this post.

¡Venga, que es muy fácil! 😊

See you for the next post!


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